Create a Beautiful Autumn Gallery Wall with Metal Prints.
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Create a Beautiful Autumn Gallery Wall with Metal Prints.

by Justin Scott

One of the great advantages to having a system where you can swap your art display around instantly is that you can change your interiors with the seasons. And now that Autumn is truly with us we've got some ideas to add a cosy glow to your living or workspace.

You might like to add favourite Autumn themed photographs of family and friends or perhaps you would prefer to create something a bit more abstract using colour and found objects, you could of course, combine both. 

Hygge in the Living Room with a Personalised Metal Print Display.
Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish word derived from the Norwegian term 'hugga' which means 'to comfort'. The nearest translation to English is 'cosy' and as the nights are drawing in, it's definitely time to make things nice and cosy in the living room. Choose some warm coloured semi-abstract images that give your interior an extra glow. The soft satin finish of our metal prints means that they aren't too glossy and reflective, so they look amazing in daylight, lamplight, candle and firelight. 

A Warm Autumn Glow in the Kitchen.

Even if you only have a small amount of wall space in your kitchen, you can add some autumnal colour and warmth. Kitchens are often quite neutral and a pop of colour can make a world of difference. Choose some foodie close-ups from a photo library (see below for picture credits for the images we have used) to create a semi abstract vibe. Or you could shoot your own photographs of fruits, vegetables and other foods with rich orange, brown and red colours. Pumpkins and squashes come in a lot of interesting shapes and colours and are probably the obvious choice, but it's fun to seek out other photogenic foods for your fall themed kitchen, like nuts and berries or perhaps a pomegranate with its deep red juicy seeds or even a red cabbage with beautiful swirly purple patterns.

If you're a constant scroller on Instagram or Pinterest, you will have probably noticed that many stylists and photographers are putting together beautiful flat lays. Try this yourself with a rustic wooden surface, some food and  objects that say autumn to you. Search out interesting kitchenalia like utensils, wooden spoons, pretty ceramics, patterned tablecloths, placemats and tea towels. You could even add some photographs to your flat lay. Type #flatlay into Instagram search and you will be served up millions of ideas.

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