Metal print keepsake gift ideas for couples and newlyweds.
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Metal print keepsake gift ideas for couples and newlyweds.

by Justin Scott

That special photograph that says it all.

TIP: If this is a gift make sure you have considered the space where it's going to hang.  You might have to take some sneaky measurements.

It’s always tricky finding the perfect gift for couples. And if you’re looking for an unique wedding present it can be particularly difficult. These days newlyweds have usually been together for long enough to acquire the ubiquitous toaster or napkin rings. A metal art print is a lasting keepsake of a special moment in time. Whether it’s a one-off print that captures a treasured memory for the couple or a gallery of images that family and friends put together it will make a meaningful and cherished gift.

It’s time to get creative. Apart from portraits and candid photographs of your couple you might want to include other more unusual ideas that has a personal message to them and their relationship. Ask yourself a few questions like: where did they meet? If they’re engaged, where did the proposal take place. Do they have a favourite holiday destination or beach they like to escape to? Do they share a special interest like watching films, paddle boarding, reading or cooking? Perhaps they own a special pet that needs to be part of their visual story. Also consider objects like letters spelling names or words that have meaning for your couple or flat-lays featuring favourite objects.

wedding couple, dog

Go Diptych or go Triptych.

TIP: A diptych is made up of two prints usually of the same size and orientation whereas a triptych is made of three images.

Create a group of two or three special photos that work well together. This could be from the same event such as a wedding, party or holiday. They need to look good as a group so it's a good idea to make sure the colours and composition relate to each other.

If you've chosen to create a triptych it's a nice touch to add something a little bit different or symbolic as the central image. This could be a pet, a still life from a wedding shoot such as the bouquet or even a heart drawn in the sand or made of flowers.

orange sofa with grid of family metal prints on wall

Capture their personalities.

TIP: Create a completely unique and personalised gift that your couple will treasure forever.

Your couple might be camera shy or perhaps they aren't the type of people to want a wall display that features conventional portraits of themselves. This is when you need to either consult them to discuss what they would really like or, if you know them well think outside the box and come up with a truly original image or group of images.

You can make a stunning collection of metal prints that reflect your couple's personalities in a creative way. Are your couple the outdoors type? They might have a shot of a tent in a magical landscape that reminds them of a special holiday or their honeymoon. It could be a photographs of a dog walk their favourite beach. The options are truly


wall of metal poster prints in grid layout

A wedding gift to treasure.

TIP: A little Inspo for choosing your perfect wedding gift where friends and family can club together.

It's difficult creating a wedding gift list especially if you've been together for some time and feathered your nest already. We've got the perfect solution. Plan a beautiful wall of memories, then ask some of your your friends and family to buy a picture each. That way your special peeps can feel that they've made something together that you can cherish. 


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