Free Your Instagram Grid from your Phone and Hang It on Your Wall.
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Free Your Instagram Grid from your Phone and Hang It on Your Wall.

by Justin Scott

How often do you scroll back through your Instagram grid and wish you had a more permanent reminder of all those fantastic memories and beautiful photography? A grid of #lovelysquares makes a stunning graphic statement as a gallery wall and is a great talking point when your friends and family visit.

Just like your Instagram feed, your gallery wall should contain images that work well together and reflect your personality. You might want to choose a dominant colour that holds it all together or a theme that is close to your heart. 

We have three square sizes to choose from the small size is 235mm x 235mm, medium is 315mm x 315mm and large is 420mm x 420mm. And you don't even have to stick to an Insta grid of nine because artistic license rules supreme. Do your own thing, whether that's a little grid of four small prints to liven up a corner of your room or a whole wall of large squares, it's totally up to you.

We've put together some examples below to inspire you. 

That's someone who loves the ocean. Whether you're fortunate enough to live by the sea or you're a country or city dweller any seaside fan will love this breezy coastal bedroom. Pop #thalasophile 🌊 into the Instagram search bar and you will be rewarded with thousands of seaside gems to inspire you to capture your own ocean themed gallery wall.

#thalassophile 🌊

Create a beautiful green wall in your home. If you're the green fingered type you can take some interesting close up shots of your own plants. Perhaps you prefer to bring the outdoors in with photographs of grasses, wildflower meadows and tree canopies. There is a wealth of free images on sites such as Unsplash and Pexels (make sure that you download the highest resolution option). You can make a lovely calming atmosphere with your greenery creations and you can't kill your green wall by forgetting to water it, a light dusting will suffice!


Keep those special memories of your travels as beautiful metal prints. If you're an avid traveller and your Instagram grid is full of wonderful shots of your favourite places it's time to free them from your phone and make an amazing gallery wall.


Is your Instagram grid popping with colour? If so, you need to share it with your home as well as your followers. Add extra zing to a colourful wall or brighten up a neutral space. Think pink, moody blues, peachy pastels or go all out with an explosion of colour. Our Instafix magnetic solution makes it easy to change the colour theme of your metal print display whenever you feel like it.

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